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Vocation Promotion at Holy Name of Mary in San Dimas, CA

In times of uncertainty and doubt, it can be challenging to discern our lives and our calling. The practice of “being still” and attuning ourselves to God’s voice may have taken a back seat in this fast-paced society. However, even in these times, it is crucial to persevere in deepening our Catholic faith, which should also include encouraging and fostering the religious life.

On November 18 -19, Holy Name of Mary’s Vocations Ministry, led by Fr. Eric Cruz,, Vocation Director of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, was in the courtyard to promote priestly and religious vocations. Fr. Eric delivered a short talk in all the Masses to encourage those whom God is calling to acknowledge, come, and respond to that call. He asked the community’s help to pray and seek those people who are willing to follow Christ through the ministry of the religious life. Echoing Pope Francis, he mentioned, “Vocations are born in prayer and from prayer, and only in prayer can they persevere and bear fruit.”

Our ministry aims to be present and accessible so that we can journey with individuals who may be considering serving God in this way. It is our current mission to promote “vocation culture” in the parish, as well as in every Christian home. We want to connect with families, so that we can continue to encourage religious vocations, to nourish and feed it, so that it may blossom.

We strive to strengthen your faith and to promote the gift of the consecrated life. We eagerly anticipate opportunities to spend time with you, addressing any questions you may have at upcoming events.

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