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Tonga Update

The latest on agricultural loss and food shortage:
'All agriculture is ruined' - Tonga facing food shortage after tsunami impact | Pacific Media Network

Fr. Johnathan Hurrell, writes on January 17, 2022:
"The reconnaissance flight yesterday,  from NZ has given detailed pictures of the Tonga islands. In the Haápai group closest to the volcano, most of the islands were spared with only coastal damage and some houses washed away. A few of the islands had extreme damage with villages partially washed away, a couple islands were decimated with whole villages washed away. All the islands were blanketed in ash. On the main island (Tongatapu) the western side had resorts and houses washed away. The main capital Nuku'alofa had water damage from flooding. This is where our SSCC house is. The official count for deaths at this stage is 3. They are still trying to reach the outer islands. Still cannot contact anyone in Tonga. The volcano had some minor eruptions yesterday and some volcanologists suggest that this could still flare up." 

They still have not made contact with Fr. Chris Kaitapu. of other family members of brothers in the formation community in Fiji.

For pictures go to: tonga-eruption-new-images-show-glimpse-of-damaged-ashcovered-structures