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Invasion Of The Cockroaches

It was about 10:00 pm and was time for me to hit the hay. So, I did my usual check of the kitchen to make sure that I had not left any stove top burner switched on and then retired to my bedroom. As I reached for my toothbrush, I noticed this huge cockroach at the bottom of the sink. Cockroaches seem to multiply in the dry season. When I turned on the water it tried to climb out of the basin but was unable to do so. Then suddenly it sprouted wings, like one of those hybrid plane cars and flew onto the nearby window drapes. Having no energy to pursue it further, I brushed my teeth and then collapsed into bed, trusting that I would not be awakened in the course of the night by something nibbling at my toes or some other part of my anatomy.
It would seem that roaches are part and parcel of households in tropical climates. They were my companions during my time on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. However, I had never before encountered a flying cockroach. Now one can react to roaches in several ways. One can choose to ignore them. One can set traps. I’ve done that with limited success. One can crunch them underfoot. Yuck! I am against the death penalty. So, when I switch on the light in the kitchen and find them on the floor, I grab the broom and swiftly sweep them outside.
On a more serious note, though I would not refer to any human being as a cockroach, since we are all children of God, I would suggest that those rioters and looters who have been destroying our cities as well as the businesses of hard-working people have been operating like cockroaches. They come out at night and slink away in daylight. They have hijacked the legitimate protest marches and seriously damaged the purpose of peaceful marches. These should now be given the freedom to take up residence in the desert and create their desired Autonomous Zone. They will have quail to feast on in the evenings and manna in the mornings and their leader can strike the rock for water.
While we must all call out against racism regardless of the color of our skin, we must first make this a priority in our own lives. It is not okay to call someone a racist when the truth is that we ourselves harbor racism. Finally, I am not surprised that many in authority, be they church or state figures, have not called out those seeking to ruin our cities and nation just because they want to be politically correct. As a naturalized citizen of the USA, I am ashamed of them. We would not allow this to happen in the City Of The Tribes. Aloha.

Fr. Pat Killilea
St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa.

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