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The 50th anniversary of the founding of Queen of Peace Parish is a statement to the success of both the members of the Parish and its leaders (Priests). Queen of Peace Parish was established in September of 1967, and ever since its foundation has been staffed by the priests from the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

We marked this special occasion with the celebration of Holy Eucharist on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm. Rev. Bishop Daniel E. Flores was the principal celebrant, Rev. Bishop Emeritus Raymundo Peña, Rev. William T. Penderghest, SS.CC. (Pastor), Rev. Brian Guerrini, SS.CC. (Vicar), Rev. Johnathan Hurrell, SS.CC. (Provincial Superior USA), Rev. Robert Charlton, SS.CC. Rev. Manoj Nayak, SS.CC. Rev. Richard Lifrak, SS.CC. with two other priests from the Diocese of Brownsville were concelebrants at Mass. This Eucharistic Celebration was historical in the life of Parish as it had liturgical dances, prayers of the faithful and Hymn and Songs in different languages. It was a celebration of our Faith, our Family and an anticipation of many more years’ of community life.

The Golden Jubilee of Queen of Peace parish is a wonderful opportunity to be thankful for God’s tenderness, kindness and mercy, which have never failed, as providential fulfillment of the words of the Gospel according to Matthew, “I am with you all the days, until the end of time” (Mt 28, 20).  Thanks to all pioneers who have always been there, putting their grain of sand and enlivening a work that belongs to God (cf. Acts 5, 38-39). Thanks to all the benefactors who have given their time, talent and treasures to build this community.  Thanks to all the simple, humble and God loving people, that accompanied the birth, growth and development of this faith community.
The 50th Anniversary of the parish is a special time for opening our hearts and souls to God, who always calls us to be His children to build His church, it is also an opportunity to celebrate all people of all races, colors, nationalities and cultures plainly following the evangelical mind, as clearly expressed by Saint Paul: “there is neither Greek nor Jew, slave nor free, man nor woman, for you all are one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3: 28).  It is a fact that our parish consists of different ethnic groups, and that the Gospel calls us always to include, never to exclude.

Finally, this 50th Anniversary is an opportunity like no other to look forward. We want a parish composed of people who continue and complete the work of Jesus.  This can be achieved by forming good and humble workers of the Gospel, who are available to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and who want to prepare themselves with dedication and perseverance. Now it is time to renew the flame of our burning hearts to assure we continue the mission of Christ for future generations.  The Parish and the world needs the Light of Christ.  We must face the challenges and opportunities of the next 50 years with one clear goal:  To continue to build a Christ centered community with a strengthened vision of an open and cooperative parish, united in a common purpose, and forge in us the willingness to let Jesus live and reign in our souls.

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