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Hook, Line, And Sinker “I’ve got one! I’ve got one!” In the long, hazy and lazy summer days of my youth you might well have heard such a cry from the river bank of a fishing hole where young boys and girls would while away a Sunday afternoon armed with a long slender pole, a…

From the provincial desk… Provincial Newsletter for July. PAC Fundraising Dinner India Assembly Chapter Preparation Commission Personnel Click Here to down the the PDF File.  Click Here to Download

Spiritual scenes surround us as we go about our daily lives. Most are missed, but are definitely there! If we can take the time to really look, we will SEE!

2017 Fall Mini-Retreat Series Spirituality for Everyday Living With Peggy Patenaude   Spirituality in Song “Featuring Stowe Dailey and Karen Talor-Good

Sacred Hearts Retreat Center | August 2017 Newsletter Click here to Download Newsletter  

Sacred Hearts Retreat Center | June 2017 Newsletter Click here to download PDF   -> 2017 06 June newsletter  

A Long Way To Tip A Rarey I awoke to the sound of vehicles coming and going on the nearby streets. It was early morning and I was still trying to shake the cobwebs from my brain. Then it dawned on me. This was Barge Day and workers were already getting outgoing items in position…

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