Who is the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary?

Our Mission

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We, the vowed religious men of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, United States of America (US) Province commit ourselves to contemplate, live, and proclaim the love of God to the world,  through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Our Call

Aware of our heritage,
we witness and proclaim the Love of God
as found in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
This call directs us to serve the mission of the Church
and the needs of all people with emphasis on helping
the needy and abandoned around the world .

Our history

Our Congregation was founded by two people,
Pierre Coudrin and Henriette Aymer de la Chevalerie,
to whom God conceded his grace in a special way.
Since the early years and even today,
we familiarly called them the
“Good Father” and the “Good Mother”.